My first ride with Vince

It took me some time to get comfortable with the idea of carrying our son as a passenger on my motorcycle, a Harley Sportster Iron883. Then, once I decided to give it a try, and he was also comfortable with it, we needed to prepare my motorcycle.

Most of the Sportster line is designed for “solo” riders. Which means, in most cases, standard from the factory, the bikes will come with a solo seat and no passenger footpeg.

In the past, I had already changed my seat to a Biltwell HB Seat Diamond, not exactly the most comfortable to passengers, but appropriate enough for short rides. I also added a Sissy Bar custom made by Barret. Check the video:

Custom sissy bar by Barret and James Hoover

So as I embraced my #bikermama status, I got ready to add footpegs to my motorcycle and to take my kid on a ride. I ordered the pegs set at our local Harley Davidson Dealership – FX Caprara Adams -, but was determined to install them myself. Which I “kinda” of did.

The instructions that came with the footpeg set weren’t obvious. So we recurred to YouTube, only to find that aren’t many footpeg installation videos available. Plus, because Iron883s are dark, some of the videos were hard to follow. The aftermath is that Barret and I decided to jump in and document the project in our latest #garage YouTube video, to give you more “footpeg installation options.”

Here it is:


The Iron883 is a powerful motorcycle and sometimes can surprise the rider with a mind of its own in my personal opinion, not a passenger kind of machine.

Ever since we installed the pegs, I’ve had Vince as a passenger two times. Both good rides, but not the most enjoyable for me. Maybe is the “mommy” instincts kicking in and all those “be safe” worries. Perhaps is just me adjusting to the shifting of weight behind me. I really can’t pinpoint the reasons for my discomfort.

But Vince also wasn’t thrilled in the Sportster. The bike gets too hot, the seat is skinny, and his legs were very stretched out. If he has an option, he picks riding with Dad. And I’m okay with it.

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