BRAMMOTO is branching out

2019 marks the start of a new phase for BRAMMOTO and our family. And we are proud to announce that starting this June we’ll hit the North Country roads with the “BRAMMOTO Trunk Show.”

The trunk show is a seasonal mobile store, catering to the female rider community in the Northern NY area. At the BRAMMOTO Trunk Show, riders will be able to find the gear that works with the woman body and riding style. The right equipment, to protect your skin and keep your style intact.

And don’t worry peeps. Garage and lifestyle videos will keep coming to our YouTube channel, and Instagram and Facebook account. Make sure you follow us.

We are bringing great motorcycle brands and remarkable ways to use them.
You look good while protecting your skin.


Brandi Carlile has a song named “Have you ever” that resonates with me. The song makes me think of the nights I spent out by the beach, or the mountains, back in Brazil staring at the stars. It also makes me think of walking back in the woods, and about the silence of the winters in the North Country.

Luckily, I can answer YES to all the “have you ever” questions on her song. And not only that, but I also think of other ones, like: have you ever walk by the shore; or, have you ever loved with all your core; and far I go.

Protection: Carhart jeans, layered on top of Gogo Gear kevlar leggings. Perfectc combination.

I like to think that I am a pretty reasonable person. But I’m a chicken when it comes to risk, yet, I love to ride motorcycles. Fact: 10 years ago I came to the US and took a break of my career in PR. Then, when I was ready to get back on the job market, the news of a baby on the way got me thinking, and I chose to stay home. Now, eight years later, the kid has grown, the home has a life of its own, and Mama here has reinvented herself.

So, to cut this story short, when I started to ride on my own, about six years ago, my fear of road rashes made me research all over the internet for gear that could protect my skin. But that also could translate my style.

I found them. I used them. I bit them under rain and sun, warm and cold, and also literally under my pants. To be clear here, I tested the crap out of some of the brands I got to put my hands on (all purchased with my own money, by the way). Some of them failed. Some passed. And because those aren’t ordinary pieces of clothing, they don’t come cheap, which makes it hard to decide on a purchase without actually seeing, trying, and feeling it.

And here is where “BRAMMOTO Trunk Show” enters. To consolidate all aspects of my life in a way that works with my family, our lifestyle, and the Seasons in the St. Lawrence Valley, I created this business to bring the female riding community together, during the season we can be out, while offering a variety of products, and style consulting, designed exclusively for the woman who rides.

I can’t wait to put this show on the road and meet up with all of you.

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